We want to make our world a beautiful place to live, work and play, by strengthening the dynamic interconnections between the environment and its people. Tab Architects creates context-related spaces with a pure identity.




Tom and Bert

Tom en Bert

Behind every project you find the credibility of an experienced duo with a long track record and a strong team of talented (engineer-)architects.

Tom Debaere, manager, architect, urban planner
Bert Bultereys, manager, ir. architect
Ilja De Pelsmaeker, ir. architect
Simon Cambier, architect

Jonathan Toye, architect
Pieter Frantzen, architect
Bert Lescouhier, architect
Lisa Fraeye, architect
Matteo Armenante, ir. architect
Anthony Pavone, architect
Lotte Engelborghs, architect
Maxim Loncke, architect


Luisa Soares, architect
Bert Devos, architect
Lando De Keyzer, ir. architect
Lisa Buffel, ir. architect
Eva De Bels, architect landscape developer
Louis De Mey, ir. architect


Job applications: mail@tab.be



One step further

Tab Architects has put its signature on a variety of extraordinary projects, from private to public. They all share one thing: iconic in its simplicity. Tab Architects only puts it’s signature on pure aesthetics. This reflects in a clear plan, pure shapes, balanced materials and eye for tactility, rhythm and proportion. The result? Our image-defining architecture lives in harmony with its surroundings. We see the challenge to deal with the context as an opportunity for our clients. An opportunity to think together, to think long term, to think high level, to think one step ahead.



Structure & transparency

Through years of experience within project management, Tab Architects makes the right decisions in terms of financial safeguards. Clear investment management & dashboarding ensure an optimal return on investment for your projects.